13.1.2024 In the videos section there is a short movie from Čertovka 2024
7.6.2023 I put some photos in the gallery from the field where there were several deer.
15.5.2023 the Video folder contains a report from the Aquablues club event.
27.6.2022 After a long time I managed to publish several pictures from the Airshow Pardubice 2022
27.5.2020 In the Galleries there are several pictures of young eagle-owls (Bubo bubo).
4.3.2020 In the Galleries there are a few pictures from the Cosmos Discovery exhibition in Holešovice
9.2.2020 Do fotografií jsem přidal několik snímků z jarní -tedy únorové- Prahy.
16.1.2020 I have added a video from the 21st edition of Čertovka at Kampa
1.1.2020 I launched a new version of the site. I found out that some users have a problem with its operation and therefore I tried to simplify it. Let me know if I did.
11.11.2019 In the Video section has been a short film from The Last Spin of Train Drivers Prague.
27.10.2019 I added some pictures from the performance of the Orako Korokei Band to the photo section.
3.8.2019 Finally I added photos from Airshow in Pardubice. It was in early June, but digging through a stack of pictures was difficult.
23.5.2019 I visited an interesting place. So I just took a picture of three young owls. Even with their prickly dinner.
24.4.2019 After many years I had a look in the valley of the river Doubrava. So I added some pictures to the gallery.
19.1.2019 In the Videos section there is a new video from the opening of the Aquablues club diving season.
8.10.2018 In the Videos section there is short movie from the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic
18.8.2018 Between the Videos, I hit a few fragments of the Last Turn - action by Train drivers before retirement.
13.1.2018 In the Videos section, there is a report from Čertovka. The traditional start of the Aquablues club diving season.
4.9.2017 In Photogallery I uploaded a couple of pictures from my visit to Hradištko. Horses are a bit of my heart.
14.8.2017 I added a couple of holiday pics to the photo section.
1.5.2017 I went to Koloděje for witchcraft. The short report is in the Videos section.
11.4.2017 In the Photoalbums are some photos from the National Technical Museum in Prague. I was there again after about 30 years.
9.4.2017 I added into the section Photos some pictures from the trip to the airport in Prague - Ruzyně.
10.3.2017 I slowly fill database with videos and photo albums.
6.3.2017 Visually is the web without changes (I hope), but has a new "gut". So should work a little better...
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